Butters Warehouse

If you are looking for a reliable mechanic, high quality tools, power tools and equipment—or you need petrol (or diesel), and you’re based in Dalby, MacAlister, Quinalow or anywhere else in the area, you’ve come to the right place!

Butters Warehouse offers a fully comprehensive automotive repair service, including, but not limited to: logbook servicing that won’t void your warranty, all major and minor mechanical repairs, brake repairs and much, much more!

We also have a wide range of tools, power tools and equipment of the highest quality available, for all your agircultural and industrial needs. We also have a team of skilled technicians who can help you with repairs and servicing for your equipment.

But it doesn’t end there! We are also a Shell service station, with full driveway service— which for you young whippersnappers, means that we pump your petrol for you, check your tyre pressure, check your oil level, and give the windscreen a quick clean! How’s that for old-fashioned customer service?

No matter what you need, Butters Warehouse can help, so get in touch with one of our friendly staff today!

Local Pick Up and Drop Off Service

For your convenience, we offer a pick up and drop off service to the local area. Bookings are essential and conditions apply.

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Would give 6 stars if I could, long way from home and needed a small section of pipe, city slicker exhaust shops would not waste there time with you for such a small sale!
These blokes were fantastic, even lent me a drill and screws to do the job with, there is a lot of bushiness out there that could learn a thing or 2 about SERVICE from this lot.

William S / Google

Excellent service and knowledgable staff with great prices

Long R / Google

Excellent service and have tools, machinery parts, car parts, industrial supplies. Small engines, mowers as well as the parts and service.

Dale J / Google

Lawnmower Service Centre is great.
Experience and Expertise.
Very knowledgeable.

BKM Australia / Google

Always ready to help .The amount of stock they have absolutely amazes me every time I go there. It is the go to place for almost everything

Jason B / Google